An interactive, narrative mystery experience – starring the greatest detective ever

Join Sherlock on one of his earliest cases in Zurich

The 'The Wagner Ritual' transforms the classic Sherlock Holmes story 'The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual' into an immersive experience in Virtual Reality. Sherlock visits Switzerland on one of his earliest cases and solves an old mystery, restoring a treasure to the world in the process.

The player jumps right into the story and accompanies the characters through various, beautiful locations in Zurich. 'The Wagner Ritual' is a unique blend of storytelling through photos and voice-over, which has never been done before in Virtual Reality.

'The Wagner Ritual' was designed during the 2015 Gear VR Jam.


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(Gear VR headset and compatible phone required)

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Storytelling all around the player opens a new dimension

Beautiful sets

Varied locations in Zurich invite you to explore your surroundings


Investigate and point out details to progress the story

Full Experience

Enjoy a complete story at the length of a TV episode

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Sherlock Holmes (actor) - Dave Mayer

Sherlock Holmes (voice) - Dustin Rees

John Watson (actor) - Oliver Burkhard

John Watson (voice) - Rupert Breheny

Regina Musgrave (actor) - Janina Woods

Regina Musgrave (voice) - Jasmine Kent

Richard Brunton - Sebastian Tobler

Rachel Howells - Diana Bethmann

Museum Guide - Rupert Breheny

Script - Janina Woods, Kaspar Manz

Photography - Urs Wyss (Avocado 360)

Sound - Rupert Breheny

Music - Kevon McLeod (Incompetech)

Idea, Adaption, Design, Programming - Janina Woods (Ateo)

Special Thanks

Museum Rietberg & Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK)